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Eyetracking Web Usability ©2010 Neilsen and Pernice.

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Great Books

  • Eyetracking Web Usability ©2010 Neilsen and Pernice
    • Reporting the finding of a series of large scale studies that used eyetracking to test theories on the useable and unusable web design.
      Findings included:
      • clutter/difficult design makes users less likely to find what they want
      • people look for things on a web page where they are commonly found
      • chunk information
      • branding and marketing in menus confuses people
      • and much much more...
  • Don't make me think ©2006 Steve Krug
    Ok so it is years old - this is a really great book. Buy it!
    Words of wisdom:
    1. "Satisficing" - most of the time we don't pick the best option-we choose the first reasonable option. (satisfying +/-sufficing)
    2. Once we find something that works(no matter how bad) we tend not to look for a better way. If we stumble across another option we will use it but we seldom look for it. [my thought: advertising seeks to link in with some dissatisfaction, intensify it and give us a handy to access solution]
    3. On web pages - it's not the number of clicks that matters - it's the amount of thought (keep it minimal) and the amount of uncertainty (whether I am making the 'right' choice) that determines whether users get frustrated.
    4. Beware of visual noise on a web page
    5. Bad copy focuses on how great we are, as opposed to what makes us great. Eliminate happy talk as much as possible.
    6. No-one is going to read instructions
    7. Home page needs to convey the BIG picture.
    8. Not everyone thinks the way you do, knows what you know, uses the web the way you do (go figure!) Testing with one user is 100% better than testing none-test it; fix it; test it again.
    9. Don't use a mission statement as a welcome blurb! ( I love authors that think like me!) Use a tag line- what we are and what makes us great.
  • Less Clutter. Less Noise: Beyond bulletins, brochures and bake sales ©2009 Kem Meyer
    Kem Meyer looks at so many diverse aspects in communication(based on the needs of a Church) that the book really is a ‘must’ read – practical and not too heavy. Kem doesn’t promote ‘one’ way of doing things; nor does she promote costly or professional only solutions.
    • Communications tools are used to help the satisfied customers invite people!

      “Your life bears a message, a message of hope and redemption. But, before people in your world encounter your message they encounter you.” Ouch – as Kem says.
      · Don’t brand – bond;
      · Clarity is the new creativity;
      · Create conversations, not content ;
      · People aren’t motivated by your need
      · People feel left out and frustrated when you use insider language
      · Reach fewer people more times

  • Letting go of the words © 2007 Janice Redish
    Great book that looks at how people use web site and how best to utilise content and write for the web

Design: Colors and styles
Adobe Kuler : Find help to pick and match colors. This free adobe resource shows you current 'trend' colors for the web and links into Photoshop and Fireworks software. The creative area helps you match colors.

Start your own 'blog'
Experiment on google. It is free and you can see if you have the time and energy to write content and keep it up to date. At google the blog is updatable with your own graphics and images. Create a blog today ...

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Try mailchimp for professional email newsletter. They let you trial with a customer base of 500 or less.


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